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April 15, 2018

Jimmy John and I went out this morning at 230am to plow snow. WTF! We received around 3inches of snow overnight and yesterday. I plowed Rite-Aid after work yesterday and we cleaned up the commercials this morning. NWS calling for freezing rain today, rain tomorrow and 50mph wind gusts.  I was hoping we were done. I had the GMC detailed by Ellis Auto last week and it looked like a new truck. Now it looks like a snowball! Its 8am on Sunday morning and the temp. is 21 degrees. 

MARCH 2018

We received about a foot of snow over a 2 day period. Dean and I plowed the first day for 13 hours. the second day for 9 hours. I scraped the commercials up before it froze during the night. It was a long 2 days but we hadn't had snow like this all winter.

Winter 2017-2018

This has been a typical winter season so far. No major storms. We received about 10inches in one storm but less than that on any other snow event. February has been a slow plowing month so far. Seems warmer than usual for February. December 2017 was probably the coldest month we have seen in a few years. It was below zero for many days in a row.

January February 2015

Probably one of the coldest two months to plow that I have seen since 2001. January was a typical plowing month, very cold.

February was cold and above normal powing. In fact, my best month ever gross. We didnt get a lot of snow but we plowed almost every day. A couple of inches here a few inches there. Very constant.

12/22 & 12/23/14

We recieved an extensive amount of freezing rain last night and this morning. Commercials were sanded and the tempurature rose to almost 40 degrees. The NWS is expecting 1-2 inches of rain through christmas day with 50+mph winds gusts.

12/11 and 12/12/14

Malone area recieved apprx. 15" of snow over a 2 day period. Jimmy and I plowed for 18 hrs. The snow was heavy and wet. We had lost power art my house for about 6 hours. Luckily the temps were in the low 30's.


First plowing of the season. We only recieved a couple of inches and we plowed the commercials. No residentials yet.

The lake effect snow machine has been cranking up. Buffalo recieved 65" of snow, Watertown recieved a couple of feet. Franklin County deployed snowmobiles to the Buffalo area.

It has been unseasonably cold for the past week. The temperature has not got over 30 degrees and Lows have been in the high teen's and lower 20's.


We recieved our first snowfall of the season. Did not stick tot he ground. Just flurries in the air. It snow flurried last night too.


First snow storm of the season. The temps have been crazy cold. Such as below zero the last couple of nights. We recieved approx. 8" as of this morning. the snow should end around noon and expecting a couple of more inches Tuesday.


We had a few very lite snow showers today. Holy Crap its not even November! Tug Hill was calling for 6-14 inches through 11PM tonight. Bizzare!!!!!

February 2013

February was a typical winter month. No major snow storms but we had several days of plowing a few inches. No major break downs either. It was a good month.


WELCOME PLOWING SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been plowing for 15 days straight counting today. It looks like we will get a little brake this week. We have recieved approx 2ft over the period. The snow wouldnt stop. It kept coming and coming, little by little.


Well, so much for no snow. We got punded over the holidays and it hasnt stopped snowing until today. We have plowed everyday since the storm. We plowed for 21hrs striaght at the height of the storm. We recieved 12+ inches from the orginal storm.

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